2017 Concert Season

Season Ticket: $75.00
Admission: $18.00
Orchestra: $18.00
Senior: $16.00
students: $10.00
under 18 years: free performances at 8pm

The Caledonia Grange #9
of East Hardwick is across
from the The First
Congregational Church.

You can find it by
driving one mile up
Vermont Rt. 16 North to
East Hardwick Village
turn left onto Main
Street through the
village, down the hill
and bear right after you
cross the bridge. The
grange is one quarter
mile on the left.

Sir Thomas Zajkowski, President, Artistic Director
Thomas Zajkowski continues the work that he started 38 years ago with a
new musical organization, Caspian Monday Music, now in its eighth year.


    Caspian Chamber Quintet: Superlative  Click to hear concert

Review by David Rogers, The Hardwick Gazette

Hardwick – One of the best concerts in any of the chamber music series in this
area was given Monday last week by the Caspian Chamber Quintet as the evening
program of the Caspian Monday Music. The Grange hall was quite full and the
audience thoroughly enjoyed the selection of works by Kalliwode, Shostakovich,
Mozart and Schumann.

…Kazantsev gave a brilliant and deeply felt performance of the last (No. 24
in d minor) of the Preludes for Solo Piano of Dimitri Shostakovich (1906 –
1975). Written in 1950 – 51 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the death of
Johann Sebastian Bach, the architecture of these pieces is based on that of his
Well Tempered Clavier (1722, 1738 -42).

This is a complex fugue with several overlapping voices for each hand the
music starts but evolves into more dissonant notes that bring us to the edge of
musical anarchy but never into the abyss. We always intuit Shostakovich’s order.
Intense stuff, which Kazantsev played with complete command entirely from

The Oboe Quartet in F Major (K.370) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)
is a wonderful example of the composer at his most divine, with one inspired
melody after another, full of light, joy and love. The oboe shines throughout
but always in friendly conversation with the other instruments.

The three movements breathed with Leschishin’s excellent phrasing and purity
of tone in his oboe. The other members of the quartet, Alexey Shabalin (violin),
Michael Korn (viola) and Cynthia Forbes (cello) played in empathetic unison.
They brought out the beauty of this music.

After the intermission, the crown piece of the concert was the Piano Quintet
in E-flat Major (Op.44) of Robert Schuman (1810 – 1856). Scored in 1842, this
remains one of the monuments in the whole chamber music repertoire.

In its four movements the piano and strings are seamlessly interwoven with an
almost orchestral massing of the instruments. Right from the initial bars of the
Allegro brillante we are given a gorgeous melody that takes off with tremendous
momentum. This was shared generously among the players in the repeat of the
first and then second themes.

The following movement is a slow paced, almost funereal march, used with great
power in Ingmar Bergman’s film Fanny and Alexander (1983). In the midst of these
dark passages is born a melody of overwhelming beauty, like hope springing
eternal in spite of everything. The Scherzo: molto vivace evolves into a folk
dance in a fast tempo, taking us to the last movement. Allegro ma non troppo.
This sweeps everything before in its lyrical intensity. …

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